Alibaba Reopens Sesame

Fresh from the largest 24-hour sales event in the history of the world — Singles’ Day, on November 11th — Alibaba is already setting up for another major début, before the US even has a chance to celebrate Black Friday. Singles’ Day (光棍节) generated US$38.4 billion in Gross Merchandise Value this year – a 26% increase over last year –…
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7 Insights on Chinese Tourism from WTM London 2019

Stargazing is especially attractive to Chinese tourists in destinations like Nova Scotia (pictured). Photo courtesy of Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Acorn Art Photography Original Article: 13 Nov 2019 | Article by: Sienna Parulis-Cook Dragon Trail attended WTM London from 4-6 November, 2019. In addition to giving a keynote and running a panel on customization and personalization in…
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Bigger than Black Friday, More Epic than Cyber Monday… Singles’ Day!

Singles’ Day, November 11th, is here! It’s the quintessential do what I want, all about me, self-care day. Stay out late, shop for whatever you fancy, travel at a moment’s notice or spend the day binge watching your latest TV obsession. It celebrates the freedom of being single. It has also, in more recent years,…
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A Silver Lining: The US-China Trade War and Its Impact on Tourism

US-China Tensions and Chinese Tourism:  It’s not as bad as you’re hearing. It’s temporary. It presents an enormous opportunity. The recent drop in inbound international tourism from all countries has been among the most notable drags on U.S. exports, but there is a glittering silver lining, in the case of visitors traveling from China and…
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Upcoming CLA Speaker Events in London

World Travel Market London, November 6, 2019 Personalisation and Customised Travel: The Drivers of Asian Tourism Get up to speed on the latest news and trends in the rapidly developing Chinese outbound tourism market and digital landscape, and what these mean for tourism brands and businesses who want to tap into the world’s leading source…
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U.S. travel industry to Chinese tourists: What trade war?

A Chinese tourist takes pictures of Washington DC t-shirt at a tourism kiosk in Washington. Across the country, the U.S. tourism industry is trying to counter one of the casualties of the trade war with China that is still raging despite this month’s temporary truce: A drop in the flow of affluent Chinese visitors to…
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Chinese Outbound Tourists Survey 2018: Urban Millennials Lead the Charge to More Independent, Adventurous Travel

Scroll to the end of article for free report download! This report details the results of our fourth annual proprietary survey of Chinese overseas tourists’ travel and spending behaviors and preferences, undertaken in partnership with China Luxury Advisors. The top six takeaways from our 2018 survey are:  Millennials—those in their 20s and 30s—are changing the…
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Free Report Download: the Future of Chinese International Travel

Resonance Consultancy and China Luxury Advisors surveyed more than 3,000 mainland Chinese tourists who traveled internationally in the past 12 months about their long-haul, international travel preferences.

Inside the New MoMA WeChat Strategy

After a four-month-long renovation, an added 47,000 square feet, and a cost of $450 million, America’s newly-reopened premier modern art museum can be partially understood in numerical terms. But one overlooked metric can be found in MoMA’s revamped performance on WeChat. With a 200 percent increase in Q3 article reads over the same quarter last year, the…
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Trade war with China projected to cost U.S. billions in lost tourism dollars

Re: Trade war with China projected to cost U.S. billions in lost tourism dollars. Original Article: — By MEGAN CERULLO First published on August 22, 2019 / 8:58 AM/ MONEYWATCH Video source: The trade war with China is having a dampening effect on Chinese tourism in the U.S.The U.S. could see nearly 2 million…
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