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New watches, new taxes, expansion: Where do we go from here?

It’s no secret that international retailers are becoming more and more aware of the value and importance of the Chinese customer. Coming to CLA as they launch or expand their business can and will maximize their gains both monetarily and with actual customer numbers.

We were able to strategize and implement a customized expansion plan for a Swiss luxury watch company through massive amounts of qualitative and quantitative research that gave them far reaching positive outcomes.


A Swiss watch retailer was evaluating its expansion plans in Switzerland and needed to better understand the implications of new taxes implemented on the sale of Swiss watches and its impact on tourist purchases of watches in Switzerland.


CLA conducted a highly targeted research project, identifying respondents who both planned to travel to Europe and planned to buy a luxury watch. CLA conducted quantitative research via online panels in China, as well as through a WeChat survey distributed by prominent watch editors and overseas KOLs in China. CLA supplemented this research with qualitative interviews with Chinese travel trade that specialize in travel to Europe in order to contextualize responses from the quantitative study.


CLA’s research provided needed clarity into the often opaque nature of new regulations and the accompanying effect on Chinese consumer purchase habits. With this added insight, the retailer was able to adjust their retail expansion plans and investments accordingly in order to maximize sales to Chinese consumers.