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Re: Accommodations The Story: Where are Chinese travelers staying when they arrive at their travel destination? And who is welcoming them at their destinations of choice?  What to Know: Our study shows that full-service hotels and resorts are their first choice (60%), followed by limited service or economy hotels and resorts and boutique hotels. Upscale/luxury hotel and…
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The Platforms

Re: The Platforms The Story: If the mobile wars are a battle of two titans, the battle for dominance in booking platforms is a horse race with a very crowded and increasingly competitive field. What to Know: Our research shows CTrip as first among OTAs that travelers are most likely to use for both trip planning and booking.…
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Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Re: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile The Story: The future of mobile is being written in China and in a pitched battle for mobile dominance, Chinese travelers may be the ultimate prize. What to Know: For young Chinese travelers, mobile technology is what makes a trip real. Without the witnessing, researching, proving, bragging, booking and sharing it makes possible,…
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